Fairy/Miniature Gardening Workshops


If you’re too loud, you could scare them away. Fairies don’t like loud noises, especially when they’re moving into their new home.

Where are they moving? Why, to the new fairy garden you’ve just made for them at Moraine Garden’s fairy gardening workshop!

Yes, this spring we will be offering our seventh annual container gardening workshops, one of which is the fairy garden workshop. In this workshop, we will show you how to make your very own fairy garden and provide a quiet, relaxing retreat for those elusive little sprites. Learn the secrets of how to attract these flighty little vagabonds while having fun decorating your own miniature garden. This workshop is great for both children and adults, and once you’ve mastered the art, you can have fun exploring the endless possibilities of these wonderful little fairylands.

“It is wonderful how much work one can find to do in so tiny a plot of ground.”                     –Celia Thaxter

Cost: $10 + any additional materials.

The cost of the workshop covers soil*, fertilizer, instruction, and care for one garden until it is ready to be brought home. Customers may bring a second container to plant during the workshop session for an additional $5. Materials includes plants, new containers (clients may bring their own or purchase new containers from our store), and fairy garden accessories. (In total, fairy gardens usually cost between $20-50 each. Prices will vary depending on materials used to create the garden.)

Please refer to the workshops page for detailed info on prices and registration policies.

There will be no additional charge for children unless they wish to make their own fairy/miniature garden. The cost for a child to make their own garden will be $10. Due to space constraints, we may have to limit the number of adult participants to 15 per class, depending on how many register to bring children.

Click on the link below to sign up and view our workshop dates:


Additional workshops may be scheduled depending on demand. If you have any questions about the workshop in general or about the possibility of other dates and/or times, please feel free to call us at (920)-893-0843 or send us an email at morainegardens@gmail.com.

* For containers over 14 inches there will be an additional charge for soil.

6 thoughts on “Fairy/Miniature Gardening Workshops

  1. Please Please will you hold another fairy garden workshop? I have 2 granddaughters who are so excited to build one. I would LOVE to bring them here.
    (week of June 11th???) Perhaps??

    Thank You

  2. Just heard about the fairy garden workshops & I’m so excited! My almost 8 year old grandaughter & I would love to participate in a workshop. I don’t think we can make the last one on April 28th, so I’m hoping & praying you are able to schedule a few more this spring/summer!

    • Hi Debby! Yes we will be having more fairy garden workshops in late spring/summer. We just take a break from our workshops during the really busy season. You can keep tabs on the website and facebook page though to see when new dates are added! Thanks!
      Moraine Gardens

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