Under Construction

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There are more ways than one to gear up for planting season here at Moraine Gardens. Besides all the plants we’re nurturing along, we’ve also been working on some remodeling of our greenhouses and store space.

In preparation for our container gardening workshops, we’ve taken out four benches from the front of out greenhouse to make room for moveable tables that can be re-arranged to fit the needs of the space. Here’s a few pics of this portion of our remodel.

That last pic is what our new display tables will be shaped like. A few of them have even been finished since we took these pictures and several of us think they look like little boats. Soon they’ll be carrying their cargoes of container gardens from our new workshops. As you can see, this space still a work in progress. But take all the stuff away, add a few tables, and you’ve got a clean workspace with plenty of room to pot to your heart’s content. We’ll post more pics when the space is all done.

We’re also excited about the newest addition to our store space. We needed more room to store our larger pots and containers since much of their old space is being taken over by our new fairy garden displays, so we cleaned out an old back room (and believe us, there was plenty of junk to clean out), scrubbed all the grime away, put up new drywall, and painted the floor and walls. It’s a completely new room and has turned into quite the lovely addition to our store space.

Now the room is almost finished! Once we get everything situated, we’ll post more pics of the finished product.