2018 – Year of the Coreopsis

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Each year, the National Garden Bureau selects one perennial, one annual, and one edible as their “Year of the ______” crop, and, in the perennial department, 2018 is to be the year of the coreopsis. According to the National Garden Bureau, “In the language of flowers, Coreopsis means “always cheerful,” and these delightful natives of the Americas live up to this designation in glorious fashion. Equally, at home in naturalized prairie settings or manicured landscapes, Coreopsis provide a lovely sunny presence wherever they make their home. Although typically seen in colors of yellow and gold, many species also contain red, bronze and burgundy colors and have been commonly used as dyes in native fabrics. The flowers were also boiled into teas by the natives of North America before the introduction of coffee. In recognition of the importance of the genus, Florida and Mississippi have named Coreopsis as their state’s wildflower.” You can continuing reading this coreopsis article on the National Garden Bureau’s website (follow the link above.)

Here at Moraine Gardens, we think coreopsis is a fantastic addition to any perennial garden. They come in so many varieties – including more wild, prairie-looking types, and shorter, more compact mounds. They add a wonderful pop of color, and fit into almost every type of garden style. They are very hardy, full of blooms, and attract all kinds of pollinators!