2022 Annual of the Year: Graceful Grass Prince Tut


Each year the popular plant brand “Proven Winners” chooses an annual of the year to spotlight. For 2022, they have picked Graceful Grasses Prince Tut. This grass is has a fun and interesting shape, with a skinny blade and large poms on the top. It is a type of Egyptian Papyrus. The grass is somewhat compact (about 18″-30″) and quite sturdy. It is shorter and easier to manage than it’s brother King Tut – (about half the size of King Tut Grass). Some other interesting facts: it is heat tolerant, can be used as a water plant, and does not need any dead heading. Prince Tut grass is an excellent choice for a “thriller” in the center of your containers, and is a go-to when we make custom containers here at Moraine Gardens!

To see some other great recipes for containers, Proven Winners puts out an “idea book” to look through. The booklet has a bunch of great ideas and inspiration for your own gardens, along with the hottest new plant trends. To view the lookbook, click here:  Proven Winner Lookbook.