2020 Annual of the Year – Euphorbia


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Each year the popular plant brand “Proven Winners” chooses an annual of the year to spotlight. For 2020, they have picked ‘The Diamond Collection’, highlighting their three varieties of Euphorbia: “Diamond Frost”, “Diamond Mountain” and “Diamond Snow”. Euphorbia is known for its tiny, profuse white blooms. It adds a wonderful pop of white to containers, baskets, or landscapes, and bloom nonstop from spring to fall!

Here at Moraine Gardens we LOVE Diamond Frost! It has been a staple of our annual section for many years. We love the way it fills in all the spaces in containers and baskets full of its tiny flowers. And being white, it goes with everything! Not only does it match everything, but we love how easy it is to take care of it. It can handle hot sun, shadier part-sun spots, drought, and poor soil. They are also self-cleaning, which means you don’t have to deadhead anything! And lastly, the bloom consistently from when you first plant them all the way to the first frost.