Fairy Gardening

Chances are, if you’ve clicked on this page, you’re either 1) looking to get into fairy gardening,  2) looking to sign up for a fairy gardening workshop, or 3) looking to see what we have in terms of plants, accessories, and more for your fairy gardens here at Moraine Gardens! If you’re here for one of those things, you’ve come to the right place!

Fairy Gardening was something that – although it was popular some years before – didn’t really start trending around this area until the early 2010’s. 2013 is roughly when we started stocking more miniature plants, ordering fairies, houses, and other accessories for people to buy. And boy are we glad we did! Since then, fairy gardening has only grown in popularity. Every time we go to order new items, or look to see what’s happening with Fairy Gardening at other places, there are new ideas, new items, and more people interested!

Fairy Gardening itself is pretty simple- essentially, you have a container, or area in your garden, where you plant small succulents, perennials, or annuals. This is what they call miniature gardening. However, the real fun comes when you make your garden come to life! After the plants, you’re able to add fairies, houses, miniature animals, statuary, and furniture. The possibilities are endless, and the creativity I’ve seen put into each fairy garden continues to impress me.

So here’s the next question: what does Moraine Gardens have that I can use for my fairy garden? Well, lucky for customers, we are constantly adding and changing our stock of both plants and accessories. We like to keep current with what we have, as well as stocked, so we have a good variety when people come in. Unfortunately, that makes it hard to have an actual set “list” of what we have. However, our inventory is very nicely organized here at the greenhouse. We have about 3 tables full of a large selection of miniature plants, mostly comprised of small succulents. But we also stock ivy, grasses, miniature hostas, and other small plants for your gardens. As for accessories, we stock a large variety of items from vendors like Wholesale Fairy Gardens and Georgetown. We suggest that one of the best ways to see what we all have is to come in and check it out!

Another option of fairy gardening is to participate in our Fairy Garden Workshops that we have during the spring and summer. These workshops are great for people just getting into fairy gardening. We walk through how to ‘landscape’ your garden, how plants grow and what would be best for your own personal garden, as well as how to take care of it. But you definitely don’t have to be a beginner to come to the workshops! One of the biggest advantages of  taking the workshop is that you get to experiment with your garden! During the workshops, you’re free to wander to the greenhouse, try different plants in your garden, open any fairy garden accessories, and try them out in your garden to see if you like them! That way, everything will be exactly how you want it to look! Another advantage, especially during the spring months, is that we let the workshops leave their gardens grow in the greenhouse until it’s warm enough for them to be put outside. This gives the plants a huge jump-start, and allows them to establish and grow in your gardens. To sign up for a fairy garden workshop, click on this link.

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Have any more questions? Don’t be afraid to get in contact with us! The best way to reach us would be by phone (920-893-0843) or by email (morainegardens@gmail.com).