Custom Orders

Here at Moraine Gardens we try our best to make sure out customers are happy with the products they receive. Our custom order container gardens are one of the many ways we achieve this goal. Each spring customers can bring their empty pots, baskets, and other containers to our greenhouses. Once they have let us know what their plant preferences are, we plant the containers and keep them growing in our greenhouses until the weather warms up enough for our customers to come get their ready-to-display container gardens. This service has been a large part of our business for many years, and some springs have seen over one thousand custom ordered containers ready and waiting for our customers! This is a unique service that no other nursery or greenhouse in the area is able to offer. You’ve probably seen some of our containers since we plant for homes and businesses all over Sheboygan county and beyond. In addition to custom order containers, we will also be offering some container gardening workshops this spring, and we are looking forward to the new opportunities to share our love and knowledge of containers gardening. Check out some of these pictures of custom orders we have planted in the past.

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