Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – Container Gardening Workshops

What do you do in the container garden workshops?

In the workshops, you get to design and create your own pots and baskets in the greenhouse with the help from our knowledgeable staff. The workshops start with a demo by the instructor. The demonstration includes tips and tricks to make your containers look like the professionals! We talk about containers, soil, fertilizer, and different types of plants and how they grow. We also go over colors and design techniques for containers. After the demonstration, we take a short tour through the greenhouse to show where certain plants are, as well as show off all the different kinds of plants we have available to use! After the tour, you are free to work on your own containers. One of the many perks of the workshops is getting to experiment with different kinds of plants in your containers. You can swap them in and out as you work to get the perfect combination (versus being stuck with what you bought when you buy flowers and take them home). You also have access to our staff to help answer questions and help with design along the way!

What happens to the containers once we’re done?

This is one of the best parts of the workshop! After you are finished, you get to leave your pots to grow in the greenhouse. In spring, the greenhouse is the optimal place for containers to grow full and beautiful. It’s amazing to see how much they grow from the time to plant them to the time you pick them up in May!

When do we pick up our containers?

There is no set pick-up date, but we recommend late May – sometime between Mother’s Day and Memorial Day.

What is the price?

The cost of the workshop is $17 + cost of materials. The $17 class fee covers, soil, fertilizer, instruction, and care for two pots/baskets until they are ready to be brought home. (If you only plant one container, the class fee is $10. Each additional container past two will have an additional soil fee). So, the overall price really depends on what you plant in your pots. On average, the overall cost is usually between  $30-$70 (class fee + plants).

How many containers can I plant?

The class fee covers two pots, but you can bring just one, or as many as you want to plant in the class period!

Can I bring my own pots in or do I have to buy them from the store?

You can absolutely bring your own containers in! It is more common for people to bring in containers than not. However, we do always have containers available for purchase if you do not have one, or looking to have a new pot this year.