Trees and Shrubs

We carry a wide selection of trees and shrubs, from 12′ maples and oaks to tiny little boxwoods and miniature roses to a variety of fruit trees. All of our trees and shrubs are backed by a one-year money back or replacement guarantee because we are confident that with the proper care our plants will grace your yard for years to come.

Because summer is a busy time for trees and shrubs for both customers and landscapers, our stock is continually changing. Because of this, we do not keep a detailed list of everything we carry. However, if you call in or stop by, our knowledgeable staff will be happy to let you know if we carry the trees or shrubs you are looking for. We will even let you know when your next shipment of shrubs is coming in!


One of our favorite shrubs is the hydrangea, and each year we carry a wide selection of these, including the ever-popular Endless Summer® and Endless Summer® Twist-n-Shout®. We’re also particularly fond of some of these Proven Winners® and First Editions® varieties.

Proven Winners® Bobo® Proven Winners® Incrediball®
Proven Winners® Pinky Winky® Proven Winners® Little Lime™
First Editions® Great Star™ First Editions® Vanilla Strawberry™

2 thoughts on “Trees and Shrubs

  1. I am redoing my space in the front yard. I need some shrubs and perennials but don’t know what I want. I need help! Thank you.

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