Plant Health

We carry a wide variety of all-natural and organic fertilizers and pesticides to help keep your plants healthy and happy. To view a list of the insecticides and fungicides, follow to the link here. However, if you’re looking for organic fertilizers that we carry, look no further!  We use fertilizers like Sustain, Happy Frog, and Dr. Earth products liberally in our greenhouse because they are all-natural and organic, contain healthy pro-biotics that produce spectacular results, and have no harmful side-effects for either people or pets. We also carry copperas, which is great for acid loving plants such as blueberries or holly and can be used to correct iron deficiencies, and bone meal, which is great for planting bulbs and encouraging good root growth in any new planting. Here’s a list of some of the ‘Happy Frog’ Products we carry and what the ‘Happy Frog’ website has to say about them:



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